Transfer Printing Kit – 3 colour


Transfer Printing Kit – 3 dyes

Transfer printing is a simple and effective method for colouring synthetic (or partially synthetic) fabrics.  Special dye is painted on paper, which when dry you iron onto synthetic fabric.  The colour magically transfers from the paper to the fabric, getting much brighter in the process.

This kit contains everything you need to get started, except for the iron and paper.  Normal copier paper is fine – 3 primary colours (a blue, a red and a yellow) of disperse dye, a variety of synthetic fabrics to experiment with and my 20 page booklet giving you lots of ideas of what to do.  The dyes are totally mixable, meaning from this set you can also make oranges, greens, purples and browns

The papers you paint can be used again and again.  All that happens is they get a bit paler each time.  So many possibilities for creating unique fabric!


5 Available

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